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ANS President interviewed at the Argonne Booth during the Nuclear Technology Expo at the 2010 ANS Winter Meeting

ANS President Joe Colvin during the interview at the Argonne Booth

ANS President Joe Colvin during the interview at the Argonne Booth.
Image courtesy of KSNV-TV NBC.

Nov. 12, 2010
The Nuclear Engineering Division hosted a booth at the Nuclear Technology Expo during the 2010 ANS Winter Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada. On the opening day of the Expo, ANS President Joe Colvin recorded an interview at our booth for local NBC affiliate KSNV. Among many other topics, Mr. Colvin discussed the need for a deep geologic repository to store the by-products of generating electricity through the use of nuclear energy. The Nuclear Engineering Division manages several programs whose goal is to develop advanced reactors with a closed fuel cycle that would drastically reduce the amount of by-products that need to be stored.

A video recording of the interview is available (see below).


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