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Reactors designed by Argonne National Laboratory


Engineering Experimentation

  • Reactor Safety Experimentation

    Reactor Safety ExperimentationWe design, build, and operate test facilities that provide validation data for a variety of advanced computational tools. Our corium/concrete interaction experiments, the largest of their kind, support development of severe accident codes. Two fluid dynamics facilities, MAX and NSTF, provide benchmark data for CFD codes and a liquid sodium rig examines sodium/CO2 interactions for advanced energy conversion applications. [Reactor Safety Experimentation »]
    NE Departments involved:
    Engineering Development and Applications
  • High Power Accelerator Components

    High Power Accelerator ComponentsArgonne National Laboratory has developed a liquid lithium charge stripper for use in the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) located at Michigan State University. FRIB will provide intense beams of rare isotopes that cannot be handled by ordinary means, creating a challenge to find a workable concept for the charge stripper and to test it in a beamline environment. [High Power Accelerator Components »]
    NE Departments involved:
    Engineering Development and Applications
  • Aerosol Experiments

    We have extensive analytic and experimental capabilities to characterize the formation and transport of aerosols formed from the condensation of vapors. Computer codes have been developed to analyze various phenomena related to homogeneous and heterogeneous nucleation, aerosol agglomeration, and aerosol deposition. [Aerosol Experiments »]
    NE Departments involved:
    Engineering Analysis

  • Systems/Component Testing

    Systems/Component TestingWe research, develop, design, procure, manufacture, install and test components and systems required for unique application. This includes the development of first-of-a-kind large-scale systems and components with complex requirements such as corrosive/hazardous materials, high-temperature structural integrity, and remote handling. [Systems/Component Testing »]
    NE Departments involved:
    Engineering Development and Applications

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