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Dr. George Vandegrift

George VandegriftDr. George F. Vandegrift

Senior Technical Advisor
Distinguished Fellow
PhD, Chemist
Nuclear Engineering Division

Dr. George F. Vandegrift, Nuclear Engineering Division, is a Separations and Process Chemist who has been at Argonne National Laboratory for 40 years. Over that period, he has served as group leader, section head, department head, and associate division director. He is considered a world expert in the areas of (1) separation processes for radioisotope production, radioactive waste treatment, and industrial applications, (2) development of technology to convert Mo-99 production from high-enriched uranium to low-enriched uranium, and (3) development of processes for treating spent nuclear fuel. He has over 350 journal articles, book chapters, reports, and patents in basic chemistry and applied topics associated with these areas. His current position is manager of Argonne's Mo-99 Conversion Program funded under the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Office of Material Management and Minimization. In 2007, Dr. Vandegrift was given the title of Argonne Distinguished Fellow, the highest technical position at the Laboratory.


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Mo-99 Technology Development

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