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The strength of the Section continues to be our expertise in characterizing, testing, and interpretation of results for irradiated materials. The IPS staff includes experts in nuclear and mechanical engineering and materials science. In addition to our staff being an asset, we have a wide range of spent commercial reactor fuel within AGHCF that can be used in future research programs to address national-need issues. Although programmatic work can no longer be performed in these hot cells, fuel can be shipped to other nuclear facilities for defueling and/or testing and defueled cladding can be shipped back to the IML for testing. The Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP) presents a wide variety of challenging nuclear material issues. IPS is well poised to address many of the issue regarding fuel cladding and structural-component materials. Although the current NRC-sponsored programs run through November 2008, the interesting and relevant research results generated to date will likely lead to an extension of the high-burnup cladding program beyond this date.

Irradiation Performance
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