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  • The entire collection of Argonne National Laboratory reports contained in the ANL/NDM Report Series - dealing with nuclear data topics and dating from July 1973 to the present - has been made available on the Internet. These reports are provided in the PDF format.
  • Some Guidelines for the Evaluation of Nuclear Data, Donald L. Smith, Argonne National Laboratory, is an unpublished white paper from 20 March 1996 that is available as both a Postscript file [191991 bytes] and a PDF file [532816 bytes]. Please read the Argonne National Laboratory Disclaimer first.
  • Probability, Statistics, and Data Uncertainties in Nuclear Science and Technology, Donald L. Smith, American Nuclear Society, LaGrange Park, Illinois (1991), is a monograph on the application of statistical methods to basic and applied nuclear science. This book can be ordered directly over the Internet through the American Nuclear Society Publications Department,, or Barnes and Noble.

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