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Election Security

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The Vulnerability Assessment Team has demonstrated easy to execute, non-cyber attacks on two different kinds of electronic voting machines.

We believe that too often election officials assume (incorrectly) that: the bad guys have to attack the computer/microprocessor or cyber parts of the machine--which requires real smart people; that “certification” of machines is some kind of silver bullet against vote tampering; that adhesive label seals are good at detecting tampering and that they will be blatantly ripped open by an attacker and that they require almost no training to use; that you should get your security advice from manufacturers of voting machines, locks, and seals; that piling on lots of security features leads to good security; that “security by obscurity” (keeping secrets) is how you get good security; that a chain of custody is a piece of paper on which people scribble their initials or signatures; that hundreds of voting machines have to be compromised for the bad guys to succeed; that vote tamperers are only interested in getting their candidate to win the election; and that physical and cyber security are easy.

Suggestions for better election security, 647KB | Last Updated: Sep. 05, 2012

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Video #1: Potential Attacks on the Diebold TS Electronic Voting Machine — (Simple non-cyber, man-in-the-middle attacks.) by Argonne National Laboratory

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Video #2: Remote Vote Tampering Attack on a Sequoia AVC Voting Machine by Argonne National Lab

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