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Seals: Common Myths about Tamper Indicating Seals

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The following statements are NOT true. Contact the VAT if you don't know why.


Using low-tech techniques (a mirror and a sword) Perseus defeated the supposedly invulnerable Medusa. If Medusa had done a proper vulnerability assessment, she might not have lost her head.

  1. There is such thing as a "tamper-proof" seal. 
  2. Only experts can easily defeat a seal.
  3. Since all seals can be defeated, seals have no value in providing security.
  4. A vulnerability assessment of an effective seal or tamper detection program should find no problems.
  5. The best seals can withstand thousands of pounds of force.
  6. High-tech seals are harder to defeat than low-tech seals.
  7. High-tech seals and/or seals that have electronic readers don't require manual inspection.
  8. The more expensive a seal, the better security it provides.
  9. The only important issues in choosing a seal are its unit cost and whether it has been "certified" or "tested."
  10. A good seal requires little effort or training to use. 
  11. A seal that is good for one application is good for another. 
  12. If a seal is not obviously missing, damaged, or smashed open, that means it has not been tampered with.

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