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ANS President interviewed at the Argonne Booth during the Nuclear Technology Expo at the 2010 ANS Winter Meeting

Video Courtesy of KSNV-TV NBC

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Closed Captioning Transcript

Some of the world's top nuclear scientists are in town discussing — among other things — Yucca Mountain.
Speaker: The decision to store or not to store nuclear waste at Yucca mountain has been a hot button issue in Southern Nevada for a while now and it was a top discussion item once again this weekend as more than 2000 of the world's top nuclear scientists gather here in Las Vegas for this year's American Nuclear Society's Winter Meeting. The group also focussed on how nuclear energy could help us solve many of our energy issues and even create more jobs. Participants understand that Yucca Mountain remains a top priority for Nevadans.
Joe Colvin (ANS President): We need as a nation — and every other nation feels the same that has nuclear energy — we need a deep geologic repository to provide an ultimate solution to that by-product from the generation of electricity through the use of nuclear energy. The law of the land is that Yucca Mountain needs to be studied as the deep geologic repository. That law has not changed with the recent decision of the President to stop the funding.
Speaker: That's Joe Colvin, he is the President of the American Nuclear Society. He points out that the US generates more nuclear energy than France, Germany and Japan combined.

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