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Reactors designed by Argonne National Laboratory

Nuclear Reactors designed by Argonne

Argonne developed and/or built experiments, research reactors, or prototypes of every kind of commercial nuclear reactor in the world today, as well as many research and training reactors… Nuclear reactors designed by Argonne

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Dr. Mitchell T. Farmer

Mitchell T. FarmerDr. Mitchell T. Farmer

Section Manager, Reactor Safety Experimentation

Nuclear Engineering Division
Argonne National Laboratory

Dr. Farmer is a Nuclear Engineer within the Nuclear Engineering Division at Argonne National Laboratory. He has 21 years of experience in various areas that include light water reactor (LWR) severe accident analysis and experiments, in addition to analysis and experiments on advanced Generation IV reactor systems that include sodium fast reactors and high-temperature gas cooled reactors.

Dr. Farmer also serves as manager of the Reactor Safety Testing and Analysis section within the Nuclear Engineering Division.

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Reactor Safety Experimentation

Reactor Safety Experimentation
We design, build, and operate test facilities that provide validation data for a variety of advanced computational tools. Our corium/concrete interaction experiments, the largest of their kind, support development of severe accident codes. Two fluid dynamics facilities, MAX and NSTF, provide benchmark data for CFD codes and a liquid sodium rig examines sodium/CO2 interactions for advanced energy conversion applications.
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Engineering Development & Applications
Dept. Manager: Mitchell T. Farmer

M.T. Farmer's Executive Bio


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