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On-line Monitoring

Project description: On-line process monitoring for laser-beam welding.
Category: Project with industrial partner (USCAR)

Simulated defects and associated responses from a weld sensor developed at Argonne

Simulated defects and associated responses from a weld sensor developed at Argonne. Click on image to view larger image.

Many systems for on-line monitoring or quality control have performed well in a laboratory environment but then failed on the production floor. Complexity, susceptibility to the environment, and cost have been the major causes of failure. LAL has developed a simple, rugged, and low-cost monitoring sensor for laser welding. A collaborative project with the automobile industry is underway to demonstrate the monitoring system's effectiveness on the factory floor. A detailed description of the weld sensor is available.

In the Press

  • "On-Line Monitor Ensures Strong Laser-Beam Welds"
    Article in Trans Forum Newsletter, Volume 1, No. 2, Spring 1998
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  • "Strengthening the Bond: DaimlerChrysler plant adopts weld monitor developed by Argonne- industry partnership"
    featured in the Argonne Technology Transfer website
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