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2007 Emerald Award for Y. S. Park and T. F. Ewing


Dr. Young S. ParkDr. Young S. Park

Dr. Thomas F. EwingDr. Thomas F. Ewing

NE's Dr. Young S. Park and Dr. Thomas F. Ewing were part of a collaboration with Northwestern University that were honored with a 2007 Emerald Award for Highly Commended papers. The award was made for an article that was published in the Industrial Robot journal. The award is sponsored by Emerald, publisher of several international academic journals.

The award winning paper is:
"Lessons learned from a novel teleoperation testbed" by Brian P. DeJong, Eric L. Faulring, J. Edward Colgate, Michael A. Peshkin, Hyosig Kang, Young S. Park and Thomas F. Ewing.

The paper sets out to discuss lessons learned from the creation and use of an over-the-internet teleoperation testbed. Seven lessons learned from the testbed are presented. This teleoperation interface improves task performance, as proved by a single demonstration. In helping to overcome time-delay difficulties in the operation, leading to dramatically improved task performance, this study contributes significantly to the improvement of teleoperation by making better use of human skills.

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