Nuclear Engineering Division

Instrumentation, Detection & Analysis

Sensors & Instrumentation and NDE Applications

Research and development related to instruments and non-destructive evaluation (NDE) techniques for characterization of materials and determination of system parameters related to different energy systems (including fossil, transportation, and nuclear). Development of sensors and technologies for non-energy-producing applications such as homeland security.

Packaging Certification and Life-Cycle Management

Researchers in Packaging Certification and Life-Cycle Management support the DOE Office of Environmental Management in ensuring the safety of packagings for radioactive and fissile materials during the entire life cycle of the packaging in storage, transportation, and disposition. We develop advanced technology, such as ARG-US radio frequency identification (RFID), CommBox, and Remote Area Modular Monitoring (RAMM), for the management of nuclear and radioactive material packages during storage and transportation.

Nuclear Forensics

Nuclear Forensics researchers identify chemical and isotopic "fingerprints" in radioactive materials that can be used to track the source of stolen nuclear and radiological materials.

Nanoscale Engineering

Researchers in Nanoscale Engineering seek to bridge the gap between fundamental discoveries in nanotechnology and practical problems in energy and national security.


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