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Organization: Senior Management

Dr. Thomas F. Ewing

Dr. Thomas F. EwingDr. Thomas F. Ewing

Associate Division Director,
Nuclear Engineering Division

Argonne Experts: T.F. Ewing

Dr. Thomas Ewing is a senior scientist and the Associate Director of the Nuclear Engineering Division at Argonne National Lab. He has a BS in Engineering Physics and a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering. Dr. Ewing has a broad background in applied physics, mathematics, and computing; over 35 years experience in energy research, modelling and simulation, and technical program development and management. In addition to his division management role, he has led large, international collaborations, served as project manager or collaborator in multi-lab initiatives for the Department of Energy and other government agencies, and established and directed major Laboratory programs.

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XMAT: not just scratching the surface

XMAT: extreme materials beamlineDr. Ewing is a team member of XMAT, a new extreme materials beamline concept for the Advanced Photon Source Upgrade. XMAT will allow unprecedented in situ observation of radiation bulk damage in real time… More»


Materials Modeling and Simulation for Nuclear Fuels (MMSNF) 2013 workshop Dr. Ewing chaired the Materials Modeling and Simulation for Nuclear Fuels (MMSNF) 2013 workshop»

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Associate Director: Thomas F. Ewing
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Argonne Experts: T.F. Ewing