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Reactors designed by Argonne National Laboratory


Engineering Computation and Design

  • Engineering and Structural Mechanics

    We develop computer codes and analytical methods for modeling the response of structures and continua to external loadings in two- and three-dimensions. Our codes are specialized for solving nonlinear static, transient dynamic and thermal problems for structures, solids, fluids, and fluid-structure interactions. [More...]
    NE Departments involved:
    Engineering Analysis
  • Systems/Component Design, Engineering and Drafting

    We provide a wide variety of equipment engineering, project engineering, design engineering and drafting services to Laboratory and external researchers. Our capabilities span a broad area, from project management to research and detailed design of systems and components, and have been applied in such diverse areas as vacuum and cryogenic systems, manufacturing engineering, hot cell equipment, and spent fuel processing systems. [More...]
    NE Departments involved:
    Engineering Analysis | Engineering Development and Applications

  • Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics

    Heat Transfer and Fluid MechanicsWe specialize in the development and application of advanced computational methods for fluid and heat engineering. Simulation techniques are applied to provide fluid dynamics and heat transfer solutions supporting numerous nuclear and non-nuclear initiatives. Most of our activities are based on use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. [More...]
    NE Departments involved:
    Engineering Analysis | Research & Test Reactor
  • Multi-physics Reactor Performance and Safety Simulations

    Multi-physics Reactor Performance and Safety SimulationsThe Simulation-based High-efficiency Advanced Reactor Prototyping (SHARP) suite of codes enables virtual design and engineering of nuclear plant behavior that would be impractical from a traditional experimental approach. Exploiting the power of Argonne Leadership Computing Facility’s near-petascale computers, researchers have developed a set of simulation tools that provide a highly detailed description of the reactor core and the nuclear plant behavior. SHARP could save millions in nuclear reactor design and development. [More...]
    NE Departments involved:
    Engineering Analysis | Nuclear Systems Analysis

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