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Reactors designed by Argonne National Laboratory

Distinguished Fellows

Dr. Yoon Il Chang

Dr. Yoon Il Chang

Senior Technical Advisor
Distinguished Fellow
PhD, Engineer
Nuclear Engineering Division

Argonne Experts: Y.I. Chang

Dr. Chang joined Argonne National Laboratory in 1974 and has been responsible for leadership of advanced reactor design and fuel cycle technology development activities in position of increasing responsibility including: Associate Director of the Applied Physics Division, 1978-84; Director of Large Pool Plant Project, 1982-84; General Manager of the Integral Fast Reactor Program, 1984-94; Associate Laboratory Director for Engineering Research, 1998-02; Interim Laboratory Director, 1999-00; and Associate Laboratory Director at Large, 2002-06; Argonne Distinguished Fellow, 2006-present.

Dr. Chang’s outstanding technical leadership was instrumental in the conception, definition and subsequent direction on the IFR development at Argonne. Through his efforts and with the support of the innovative development team, he was able to demonstrate to the national and international reactor community that advanced reactors of the IFR type can make progress with respect to almost every question that has been raised concerning the next-generation nuclear power, particularly resource utilization, inherent passive safety, waste management, proliferation resistance, and economics.


B.S. in Nuclear Engineering, Seoul National University
M.E. in Nuclear Engineering, Texas A&M University
Ph.D. in Nuclear Science, University of Michigan
MBA, University of Chicago, Executive Program

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