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Dr. Yousry Gohar

Dr. Yousry GoharDr. Yousry Gohar

Senior Nuclear Engineer
Distinguished Fellow
Program Director, Russian Research Reactor Fuel Return Program

Dr. Gohar is a senior nuclear engineer and program director in the Nuclear Engineering Division of Argonne National Laboratory. He is deputy technical director for research and development of the Russian Research Reactor Fuel Return Program of the Department of Energy (DOE). His research includes the development and design of fusion and fission reactor components, design and analysis of nuclear systems, accelerator driven systems, nuclear technology development, and nuclear engineering computational methods. He has coordinated design activities and nuclear technology developments in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Russia.

Dr. Gohar researched and lectured at the Atomic Energy Establishment of Egypt, Alexandria University of Egypt, Cairo University of Egypt, American University in Cairo, and University of Wisconsin in Madison. In 1977, he joined Argonne National Laboratory where he has held various national and international technical and coordinating positions. From 1992 to 1998, he represented the US DOE at the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) Joint Central Team in Garching (Germany), where he was the group leader for the first wall/blanket/shield design and development. At present, he is responsible for design and construction of several accelerator driven experimental facilities for DOE in Belarus and Ukraine. He has served as a chairman and member of different national and international workshops and technical committees. Dr. Gohar was honored for his research work and leadership by receiving several awards including the Secretary of Energy’s Achievement Awards in 2014 and 2009. He has published more than 375 articles in scientific journals and technical reports.

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