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Reactors designed by Argonne National Laboratory

Systems/Process Monitoring, Diagnostics and Control

Artificial Intelligence / Expert Systems Expertise


Development Areas

  • AI/Expert systems for the diagnosis and management of thermal-hydraulic process systems
    • Qualitative analysis for IF-THEN rule development
    • Component-characteristic-based neural network representations
    • Two-level hierarchical hybrid expert system/neural network for process fault diagnosis
  • Rule generation from process physics modeling
  • Development of process models that run in real time
  • Neural net development for process simulation

Equipment/Software Tools

  • QUINTUS Prolog development system on Sun Microsystems, Inc. workstations


Advanced Reactor Control and Simulation

  • Development of the MSET technology for on-line validation of process parameters, plant state verification and fault identification
  • Development of process models for real time analysis
  • PRODIAG: plant independent AI development system for process fault diagnosis
    The only required plant specific input is the piping and instrumentation diagram information. This benefit is derived from a patented Argonne technique for thermal-hydraulic (T-H) function classification and component characteristics representation, which allows PRODIAG to be applied to T-H systems in power plants, both nuclear and fossil, the chemical processing industry and petroleum refineries with no need for additional verification and validation.
  • See Patents related to PRODIAG software

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  • MSET
    Software system for real-time process monitoring
    Software environment for producing customized diagnostic systems for continuous thermal-hydraulic (T-H) processes

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