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The Engineering Operations Section of the Nuclear Engineering Division provides project engineering, design engineering, and drafting services to the Laboratory and outside researchers. The group is comprised of engineers, designers/drafters, and administrative support staff. In addition to the engineering, design, and drafting role, Engineering Operations also manages a central document control center which is available to all Laboratory organizations for the control, storage, and distribution of drawings and documents. Engineering and drafting for project and design support of accelerators, reactors, and related experimental apparatus constitutes the major activity of the Engineering Operations Group.

The capabilities of the group span a broad area, from project management to detail design of systems and components. Members of the group have been extensively involved in such projects as the Advanced Photon Source (APS), the Structural Biology Center X-ray Beamlines, and the High Throughput Electrorefiner (HTER). In addition to the group's conventional machine design capabilities, Engineering Operations has considerable expertise in such areas as vacuum systems, cryogenic technology, manufacturing engineering, and instrumentation and control systems.

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