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Engineering and Structural Mechanics

Analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Structure using the NEPTUNE Finite Element Code

Analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Structure using the NEPTUNE Finite Element Code. Depicted are Cracks in the Concrete Surface due to an Internal Pressurization. Click on image to view larger image.

The Nuclear Engineering Division is a leader in developing computer codes and analytical methods for modeling the response of structures and continua to internal and external loadings in two- and three-dimensions. The codes are specialized for solving nonlinear static, transient dynamic and thermal problems for structures, solids, fluids, and fluid-structure interactions and for modeling of creep behavior, buckling behavior, concrete cracking, impact-contact, and temperature-dependent materials. Recently, Division researchers implemented parallel computing algorithms which significantly improved computational speeds. Also, the capability to perform probabilistic analysis of 3D structural problems has been added.

The Division also has considerable experience in seismic isolation, seismic engineering and dynamic testing of structures and components. The Division has completed a research and development program for two-dimensional steel laminated elastomeric seismic isolation bearings. The program encompasses code development, constitutive modeling of bearing material, bearing design and manufacturing, scale-size testing and in-situ testing. An Elastomer Testing Facility (ETF) has been established in the Division for testing candidate elastomers over the environmental range expected in service. Currently, research and development is being performed on three-dimensional seismic isolators.

Engineering and Structural Mechanics
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