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Engineering and Structural Mechanics

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Analysis of a Flywheel Shroud using the TEMP-STRESS Finite Element Code

Analysis of a Flywheel Shroud using the TEMP-STRESS Finite Element Code. Predicted Plastic Strain (in./in.) in the Shroud during a Rotor Burst Event Depicted. Click on image to view larger image.

  • High performance parallel computing
  • Efficient finite element analysis
  • Constitutive model algorithms
  • Impact/penetration and stress waves
  • Reinforced/prestressed concrete modeling
  • Fluid sloshing and fluid-structure interaction
  • Water hammer and piping response
  • Creep behavior
  • Buckling
  • Thermo-elastic-plastic analysis of structures
  • Virtual Reality Applications

Seismic Engineering and Dynamic Testing

  • Seismic isolation
  • Seismic safety
  • Soil-structure interaction
  • Seismic qualification of equipment/structures
  • Seismic walkdown
  • Dynamic testing, experimental modal analysis and damage detection

Computer Codes

A 3-D deterministic/probabilistic analysis code for static, transient and impact analysis of continua and structures, including concrete structures.
3-D finite element code for dynamic and seismic analyses of sloshing and hydrodynamic loads in fluid structure systems with the capability of reactor scram analysis
2-D Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian code for performing complex fluid-structure interactions and vessel response prediction
3-D structural finite element code for seismic response analyses of base-isolated structures
2-D finite element code for analyses of prestressed/reinforced concrete structures subjected to pressure/thermal loads
3-D piping code for calculating pressure wave propagation and piping response
2-D code for seismic response prediction of reactor core fuel assemblies
3-D code for creep-swelling analysis of reactor core fuel assemblies

Engineering and Structural Mechanics
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