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Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics


Engineering Simulation Capabilities at Argonne Nuclear Engineering Division

The Engineering Simulation section specializes in the development and application of advanced computational methods for fluid and heat transfer engineering. The section applies state-of-the-art simulation technology to provide fluid dynamics and heat transfer solutions supporting numerous ongoing nuclear and non-nuclear initiatives at the Argonne National Laboratory. Most of our activities are based on use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software such as STAR-CD, FIDAP, CFX, and PowerFlow. Often these activities require the development of new modeling strategies, numerical methodologies, or data extraction and analysis techniques.

Argonne high performance computing facilities include major parallel computing systems, I/O subsystems, visualization subsystems, advanced display environments, and high capacity external network links. A 574-processor Linux cluster and an 80-node IBM SP serve as the primary computation engines. All subsystems (including the hierarchical storage system with 2.5 TB disk and 60 TB tape boot capacity) and desktop workstations are interconnected at gigabyte ethernet speeds. Multiple immersive virtual reality devices including a 4-wall CAVE provide facilities for high-end visualization. In addition, the NE division has its own 80-node Linux cluster supported with 1-wall CAVE system for advanced visualization applications. The lab-wide high capacity external network links support four access-grid nodes for group-to-group interactions across the internet through large-format multimedia displays, presentation and interactive software environments, and interfaces to remote visualization platforms.

Natural Convection in Square Cavity

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Temperature DistributionsTemperature Distributions
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Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics
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