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Nuclear Data Program

Current Projects

  • Compilation and evaluation of nuclear structure and decay data for the IAEA coordinated International Nuclear Structure and Decay Data Network. Argonne Nuclear Data Program has the responsibility for evaluations of A=176-179 & 199-209 mass chains. These evaluations are included in the world most completed and comprehensive nuclear structure and decay database - Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File (ENSDF) and distributed for further publication in the journal Nuclear Data Sheets.
  • Evaluation of decay data for selected actinide nuclei under the auspices of the IAEA Coordinated Research Project on “Updated Decay Data Library for Actinides”
  • Compilation and evaluation of specialized decay data for nuclei that are of interest to various applications. This activity is performed in the framework of the International Decay Data Evaluation Project Collaboration
  • Specialized compilation and evaluation of nuclear structure and decay data for long-lived, isomeric states.
  • Limited experimental program focused on properties of nuclei far from the line of stability, heavy, and super-heavy nuclei, nuclear isomers and detector development.
  • Experimental validation and parameter sensitivity studies for compound and pre-compound nuclear models used in calculations to generate evaluated cross sections of neutron reactions in the several MeV energy range.
  • Development of improved methods for representing and propagating errors in both experimental and derived quantities.


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