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Lawrence E. (Larry) Boing

Lawrence E. (Larry) BoingLawrence E. (Larry) Boing

Decommissioning Subject Matter Expert
Decommissioning Training Course Director

Nuclear Engineering Division
Argonne National Laboratory

Professional Experience:
Lawrence E. (Larry) Boing has a total of over 30 years experience in the nuclear facility decommissioning field and related fields of work. He has worked in this technical area at various levels - at the decommissioning project level, at the site decommissioning program level, at the international level and in other cross-cutting specialty areas related to the decommissioning topical field and various aspects of it. During his work at Argonne, more than a dozen smaller (research scale) radioactively-contaminated legacy facilities were decommissioned including: up to prototype sized power reactors, accelerators, glovebox labs, hot cells and other medium to large in size research facilities. In addition, his work experience has been at a variety of numerous regulated sites - DOE sites, NRC sites and international sites. He has been involved with nearly every aspect of the decommissioning industry sector including research and development of better / enhanced decommissioning technologies.

In addition, he has been actively involved over the last 18 years in supporting/consulting work with the nuclear decommissioning program of the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency. He was involved in the work of the OECD/NEA’s Technical Advisory Group on Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities as well. His IAEA activities included among others serving as a lecturer at various training courses/workshops, participating in coordinated research program efforts and as a technical expert / contributor for the preparation of various technical reports. His work has also included: independent review of project planning and preparation, extensive involvement in the areas of training, various aspects of technical information exchange including web-based systems, homeland security, technology development, radioactive site characterization and radioactive waste management. With the broad-based combination of experiences in the decommissioning technical field and his exceptional level of exposure to all of the various facets of the decommissioning process and his other expertise and experiences, he is considered and viewed by his peers as a subject matter expert in the field. His work experience has spanned the period when nuclear decommissioning was just starting in the late 1970s and early 1980s up to and through the current period of Cold War site closures and other decommissioning activities being underway in earnest. He earned his B S degree in Environmental Health from Purdue University.

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The Argonne D&D Projects group is recognized as subject matter experts in various areas through their experiences over the last 25 years in decommissioning research reactors and other nuclear facilities at Argonne National Laboratory and supporting the same work at other sites both domestically and abroad....
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