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Dr. James J. Grudzinski, P.E.

Dr. James J. GrudzinskiDr. James J. Grudzinski, P.E.

Section Manager,
Engineering Operations Section

Nuclear Engineering Division
Argonne National Laboratory

Jim Grudzinski is the Manager of the Engineering Operations Section within the Nuclear Engineering Division at Argonne National Laboratory which provides mechanical engineering and design support services to the research and operating organizations at Argonne. Mr. Grudzinski has a BA in Physics from the University of Illinois-Chicago and has an MS and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Dr. Grudzinski's research interests include computational solid mechanics (finite element analysis) and code development, and intelligent control systems.

Dr. Grudzinski has 18 years of diverse engineering, management, and research experience including 12 years at Argonne National Laboratory. Dr. Grudzinski’s engineering experience has included high speed machine design, development of industrial control systems, design and analysis of structural components to AISC and ASME codes, finite element analysis, dynamic simulation, hydraulics, material testing, and fabrication of large scale physics detectors.

Dr. Grudzinski’s management experience includes coordinating and leading groups ranging from trades people to expert consultants. He has collaborated with international laboratories and universities and has been part of the project management structure for several major High Energy Physics projects.

Dr. Grudzinski leads the Engineering Operations Section, a group of 10 mechanical engineers and 8 mechanical designers which offers a very wide range of experience and expertise.

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Engineering Operations

The Engineering Operations Section of the Nuclear Engineering Division provides project engineering, design engineering, and drafting services to the Laboratory and outside researchers...
Engineering Operations Section

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