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To work at the IVEM-Tandem Facility you must gain access to the Argonne National Laboratory site. If you are a US citizen, just let Denise () know when you plan on being on site and she will have a gate pass ready for you to pick up at the Visitor Reception Building. If you are not a US citizen, we must process a security form for you to gain access to the Laboratory site. Please inform Denise and she will email you a form to fill out and return to her. Do allow this process to take at least two weeks.

Housing accommodation is available on site at the Argonne Guest House (800-632-8990 or 630-739-6000) or off site at several area hotels. Meals are available on site at the Guest House and at the Argonne Cafeteria. See the Argonne website for more complete information.

On the first day of your visit you are required to complete all relevant safety courses and read the pertinent Work Control Documents and Standard Operating Procedures related to your experiments. Upon completion access to the IVEM will be allowed.

For onsite emergencies, call 911 from any internal phone (or 630-252-1911 on cell phones).

Irradiation Defect Dynamics in W at 800°C

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Watch this video on YouTube: Irradiation Defect Dynamics in W at 800°C

Dynamic behavior of dislocation loop formation, motion, interactions and coalescence in W at 800°C under irradiation with 150 keV W ions.

X. Yi, M.L. Jenkins, M. Briceno, S.G. Roberts, Z. Zhou & M.A. Kirk (2012): In situ study of self-ion irradiation damage in W and W-5Re at 500°C, Phil Mag 93 (2013)1715.

(size bar of 50 nm is 1/5 panel width)

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NSUF Call for Rapid Turnaround Experiment (RTE) Proposals due on March 12, 2020.

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Workshop on Transmission Electron Microscopy Characterization of Irradiation Induced Defects, Argonne National Laboratory, Sept. 3-5, 2014.

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