Nuclear Engineering Division

Nuclear Chemical Engineering

Process Simulation and Safeguards

Process Simulation involves the application of integrated chemical engineering and separations chemistry to develop, model, design, and demonstrate processes and equipment for treatment of used nuclear fuel and radioactive waste, and to advance nuclear nonproliferation. Researchers are producing sub-scale codes to model continuum and molecular behavior of multi-phase systems and equipment. Unit operations are modeled to ascertain novel approaches for selective recovery of actinides and fission products in used fuel and radioactive wastes. Dynamic process models and codes are used to support process integration and safeguards.

Process Safeguards involves the application of chemical and engineering expertise to improve safeguards and nonproliferation of nuclear materials in complex facilities. Researchers in this group are developing novel approaches that integrate process modeling, process monitoring, and radiochemistry to understand, track and confirm the movement of nuclear materials through multistage chemical processes.

Recent work includes:

  • Describing system response and observables of relevant process changes
  • Developing detectors for nuclear materials
  • Developing techniques for safeguarding nuclear materials

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Last updated: 08/12/16