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Argonne/DOE ARG-US Radio Frequency Identification Technology Wins Prestigious Award, Receives International Recognition

Argonne staff have developed and tested an innovative, award-winning radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking and monitoring technology — called ARG-US — that will modernize the management of nuclear and radioactive materials and other sensitive items in storage, transportation, and disposition. There are stand-alone and web-enabled versions of ARG-US that can be customized to support facility operations and transportation. For example, ARG-US OnSite is the software for storage application that can be tailored for specific sites, whereas ARG-US TransPort contains features unique to transportation.


ARG-US RFID Award. Click image to enlarge.

"The opportunity to apply the ARG-US RFID technology to modernize the current practice of management of nuclear and radioactive materials to enhance safety, safeguards, security, and materials accountability and to better protect workers, public health, and the environment is unprecedented," said Dr. James Shuler, Manager, DOE Packaging Certification Program of Office of Packaging and Transportation, Environmental Management.

Now that the technology has been developed to the point of implementation, it is garnering international recognition. On April 12, 2011, the RFID Journal ( announced at its 5th Annual RFID Journal LIVE! Awards event in Orlando, FL, that DOE and Argonne received its highly coveted "Most Innovative Use of RFID" award for the development and implementation of ARG-US. The goal of the RFID Journal Awards is to recognize the leaders in RFID and to foster the adoption of these technologies by highlighting the best deployments and product offerings. The RFID Journal Awards recognize companies that have distinguished themselves by their successful use of RFID or introduction of a valuable new RFID product or service.

According to Yung Liu, Manager of the Packaging Certification and Life Cycle Management Group at Argonne, potential applications of ARG-US are numerous. "The need for ARG-US technology has grown and covers civilian nuclear industries, other hazardous materials, and sensitive items, as a result of demonstrated performance, ongoing development, and industry recognition of the technology's value in the broader market. The RFID Journal award recognizes the significance of the technology."

ARG-US Team Members

Members of ARG-US Development Team at 5th Annual RFID Journal LIVE!. From left: Hok (John) Lee, Argonne; Yung Y. Liu, Argonne; James Shuler, U.S. Department of Energy; Hanchung Tsai, Argonne; John Anderson, Argonne. Click on image to enlarge.
(Photo: Tom Hurst)

Liu was also one of five invited innovators who spoke at RFID in Energy ( on September 20, 2011, in Houston, TX. RFID in Energy was RFID Journal's first event to address RFID use by utilities, chemical companies, and gas and oil firms to track natural gas consumption and business assets, enforce regulatory standards, service and support oil-field assets across supply chains, and increase employee monitoring and safety. ARG-US is highly relevant to these industries. Said Liu, "In addition to nuclear energy applications, we expect that our technology will offer environmentally safe, cost-effective options in a variety of industries involved in the storage and transportation of containers with hazardous materials or waste."

DOE and Argonne were also selected to present ARG-US at WBT (World's Best Technologies) Innovation Marketplace's ninth annual event, which was held March 22 and 23, 2011, in Arlington, TX. The WBT Innovation Marketplace is an annual forum offering a prescreened, pre-prepped collection of undiscovered companies and intellectual property emanating from top universities, labs, and research institutions. DOE and Argonne joined more than 100 organizations from across the nation — and around the world.

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