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Over 80 patents have been issued to Nuclear Engineering Division staff members by the US Patent Office from 2000 to present.

The table below features a complete list of patents (2000-present) issued to Nuclear Engineering Division staff members by the US Patent Office.

Detailed Patent Information
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Patents list can be sorted by Patent # and chronological order of issuing, as well as searched for a keyword in InvTitle or Author(s) last name.

InvTitle Patent # Issued Inventors
Coating of nuclear fuel cladding materials, method for coating nuclear fuel cladding materials 10,276,268 04/30/20 A. Yacout, M. Pellin,
M. Billone
Modular latent heat thermal energy storage systems 10,330,393 06/25/19 D. France, T. Kim,
D. Singh, W. Yu
System for the highly autonomous operation of a modular liquid-metal reactor with steam cycle 10,217,536 02/26/19 R. Vilim
Consumable anode and anode assembly for electrolytic reduction of metal oxides 10,106,903 10/23/18 M. Williamson, J. Willit,
S. Wiedmeyer, E. Koehl
Modular cathode assemblies and methods of using the same for electrochemical reduction 9,920,443 03/20/18 S. Wiedmeyer,
L. Barnes,
M. Williamson, J. Willit
ALD coating of nuclear fuel actinides materials 9,754,687 09/05/17 A. Yacout, M. Pellin,
D. Yun, M. Billone
Transient multivariable sensor evaluation 9,574,903 02/21/17 R. Vilim, A. Heifetz
Wireless remote monitoring of critical facilities 9,520,057 12/13/16 H. Tsai, J. Anderson,
Y. Liu
Designed porosity materials in nuclear reactor components 9,437,335 09/06/16 A. Yacout, M. Pellin,
M. Stan
Superabsorbing gel for actinide, lanthanide, and fission product decontamination 9,359,582 06/07/16 M. Kaminski, C. Mertz
Methods for producing Cu-67 radioisotope with use of a ceramic capsule for medical applications 9,312,037 04/12/16 D. Ehst, J. Willit
Microfluidic process monitor for industrial solvent extraction system 9,233,859 01/12/16 A. Gelis, C. Pereira,
K. Nichols
Method and system for determining radiation shielding thickness and gamma-ray energy 9,212,905 12/15/15 R. Klann, R. Vilim,
S. de la Barrera
Electrorefiner system for recovering purified metal from impure nuclear feed material 9,150,975 10/06/15 J. Berger,
M. Williamson,
S. Wiedmeyer,
J. Willit, L. Barnes,
R. Blaskovitz
Electron linac for medical isotope production with improved energy efficiency and isotope recovery 9,129,714 09/08/15 J. Noonan, D. Walters,
M. Virgo, J. Lewellen
Interferometric millimeter wave and THz wave doppler radar 9,103,904 08/11/15 S. Liao,
N. Gopalsami,
S. Bakhtiari, A. Raptis,
T. Elmer
Radar detection of radiation-induced ionization in air 9,086,487 07/21/15 N. Gopalsami,
A. Heifetz, H.T. Chien,
S. Liao, E. Koehl,
A. Raptis
Nanoparticles for heat transfer and thermal energy storage 9,080,089 07/14/15 D. Singh,
S. Cingarapu,
E. Timofeeva,
M. Moravek
Electrolytic oxide reduction system 9,017,527 04/28/15 S. Wiedmeyer,
L. Barnes,
M. Williamson,
J. Willit, J. Berger
Modular anode assemblies and methods of using the same for electrochemical reduction 8,956,524 02/17/15 S. Wiedmeyer,
L. Barnes,
M. Williamson,
J. Willit
Cathode scraper system and method of using the same for removing uranium 8,945,354 02/03/15 M. Williamson,
S. Wiedmeyer,
J. Willit,
R. Blaskovitz
Compressive passive millimeter wave imager 8,941,061 01/27/15 N. Gopalsami,
S. Liao, T.W. Elmer,
E.R. Koehl,
A. Heifetz,
A.C. Raptis
Thin film application device and method for coating small aperture vacuum vessels 8,940,140 01/27/15 D. Walters
Method for fluidizing and coating ultrafine particles, device for fluidizing and coating ultrafine particles 8,936,831 01/20/15 J. Li, Y. Liu
Source localization using multiple units of a tight-pitched detector array 8,930,165 01/06/15 R. Vilim, R. Klann
Modular cathode assemblies and methods of using the same for electrochemical reduction 8,900,439 12/02/14 S.G. Wiedmeyer,
L.A. Barnes,
M.A. Williamson,
J.L. Willit
Cathode power distribution system and method of using the same for power distribution 8,882,973 11/11/14 M. Williamson,
S. Wiedmeyer,
E. Koehl, J. Bailey,
J. Willit, L. Barnes,
R. Blaskovitz
Method for improving catalyst function in auto-thermal and partial oxidation reformer-based processors 8,814,964 08/26/14 S. Ahmed,
S.H.D. Lee,
R.K. Ahluwalia,
D. Papadias
Millimeter wave sensor for far-field standoff vibrometry 8,686,362 04/01/14 S. Bakhtiari,
N. Gopalsami,
T.W. Elmer,
A.C. Raptis
Lid Actuation System for Shielded Cask 8,550,283 10/08/13 J.W. Morman,
D. Preuss,
D. Nestor
Methods for making and processing metal targets for producing Cu-67 radioisotope for medical applications 8,526,561 09/03/13 D.A. Ehst,
D.L. Bowers
Enhanced integrated operation blender based sterile medical ice slurry production device 8,505,315 08/13/13 K. Kasza,
F. Shareef,
B. Fischer
Method for implementing depth deconvolution algorithm for enhanced thermal tomography 3D imaging 8,465,200 06/18/13 J.G. Sun
Autothermal and partial oxidation reformer-based fuel processor, method for improving catalyst function in autothermal and partial oxidation reformer-based processors 8,349,035 01/08/13 S. Ahmed,
D.D. Papadias,
S.H.D. Lee,
R.K. Ahluwalia
Surface acoustic wave probe implant for predicting epileptic seizures 8,165,682 04/24/12 N. Gopalsami,
S. Kulikov,
I. Osorio,
A.C. Raptis
High-temperature potentiometric oxygen sensor with internal reference 8,057,652 11/15/11 J.L. Routbort,
D. Singh,
P.K. Dutta,
R. Ramasamy,
J.V. Spirig,
S. Akbar
Compact electrochemical bifunctional NOx/O2 sensors with internal reference for high temperature applications 8,012,323 09/06/11 D. Singh,
J. Routbort,
P. Dutta,
J.V. Spirig, and
J. Chan Yang
Computed radiography system for mammography 8,008,642 08/30/11 S. Schweizer,
J. A. Johnson and
A. Lubinsky
Fuel Processing Device 7,988,925 08/02/11 R. K. Ahluwalia,
S. Ahmed, and
S. H. D. Lee
Passive millimeter wave spectrometer for remote detection of chemical plumes 7,888,645 02/15/11 N. Gopalsami,
S. Bakhtiari,
A.C. Raptis,
T.W. Elmer

Related Video
Photoacoustic spectroscopy system and technique for remote sensing of explosives and toxic chemicals 7,861,574 01/04/11 S.-H. Sheen,
A.C. Raptis,
H.-T. Chien

Related NE Highlight
Method for Analyzing Multi-Layer Materials from One-Sided Pulsed Thermal Imaging 7,769,201 08/03/10 J. Sun
Joining of Advanced Materials by Plastic Deformation 7,722,731 05/25/10 J.L. Routbort,
D. Singh,
K.C. Goretta,
F. Gutierrez-Mora
Surface modification to improve fireside corrosion resistance of Fe-Cr ferritic steels 7,678,471 03/16/10 J.-H. Park,
K. Natesan,
D.L. Rink
Photoacoustic Spectroscopy System and Technique for Remote Sensing of Explosives and Toxic Chemicals 7,644,606 01/12/10 S.-H. Sheen,
A.C. Raptis,
H.-T. Chien
Method and  Apparatus for Ultrasound Phased Array Testing of Bearing Balls 7,617,733 11/07/09 C.M. Deemer,
W.A. Ellingson,
J.S. Steckenreider
Optical Filter for Flash Lamps in Pulsed Thermal Imaging 7,538,938 05/29/09 J. Sun
Passive millimeter wave spectrometer for remote detection of chemical plumes 7,495,218  02/24/09 N. Gopalsami,
S. Bakhtiari,
A.C. Raptis,
T.W. Elmer

Related Research
Methods of using a laser to perforate composite structures of steel casing, cement and rocks 7,487,834 02/10/09 C.B. Reed,
Z. Xu

Related Research
Tracking of moving radioactive sources 7,465,924


12/16/08 R.T. Klann,
R.B. Vilim,
Y.S. Kim
Fibrous ceramic monoliths made from multi-phase ceramic filaments 7,452,837


11/18/08 K. C. Goretta,
D. Singh,
B.J. Polzin,
T.A. Cruse,
J.J. Picciolo
Method for inducing hypothermia 7,422,601 09/09/08 L. B. Becker (1),
T. Vanden Hoek,
K. E. Kasza

Related Research
Methods of using a laser to spall and drill holes in rocks 7,416,258 08/26/08 C.B. Reed,
Z. Xu,
R.A. Parker,
R.M. Graves,
T.W. Stone

Related Research
Medical ice slurry production device 7,389,653 06/24/08 K. E. Kasza,
J. Oras,
H.-J. Son

Related Research
Method for thermal tomography of thermal effusivity from pulsed thermal imaging 7,365,330 04/29/08 J.G. Sun

Related Research
Method to seal reactive materials under vacuum 7,350,280 04/01/08 T. C. Wiencek

Related Research
Method for fast start of a fuel processor 7,323,159 01/29/08 R.K. Ahluwalia,
S. Ahmed,
S.H.D. Lee

Related Research
Resonance-enhanced dielectric sensing of chemical and biological species 7,223,608 05/29/07 N. Gopalsami,
A. C. Raptis
Optical apparatus for laser scattering by objects having complex shapes 7,136,158 11/14/06 W. A. Ellingson,
R. J. Visher
Heat transfer probe 7,118,591 10/10/06 K. E. Kasza,
T.-H. Chien,
W. Yu,
A. J. Rosengart,
J. I. Frank,
J. E. Franklin
Method for fabricating uranium foils and uranium alloy foils 7,100,670 09/05/06 G. L. Hofman,
M. K. Meyer,
G. C. Knighton,
C. R. Clark
Continuous process electrorefiner (as issued) 7,097,747 08/09/06 J. E. Herceg,
J. G. Saiveau,
L. Krajtl
Method and apparatus for atomizing fluids with a multi-fluid nozzle (as issued) 6,827,296 12/7/04 V. J. Novick,
R. K. Ahluwalia

Related Research
Fissile interrogation using gamma rays from oxygen (as issued) 6,724,852 04/20/04 D. L. Smith,
B. J. Micklich,
A. Fessler

Related Research
Nuclear fuel electrorefiner (as issued) 6,689,260 02/10/04 R. K. Ahluwalia,
T. Q. Hua

Related Research
Pocked surface neutron detector (as issued) 6,545,281 04/08/03 D. S. McGregor,
R. T. Klann

Related Research
Eddy Current Technique for Predicting Burst Pressure 6,519,535 02/11/03 M. C. Petri,
D. S. Kupperman,
J. A. Morman,
J. Reifman,
T. Y. C. Wei
Thermal Imaging Measurements of Lateral Diffusivity and Non-Invasive Material Defect Detection 6,517,238 02/11/03 J. G. Sun and
C. M. Deemer

Related Research
Method and Apparatus for Automated Thermal Imaging of Combustor Liners and Other Products 6,517,236 02/11/03 J. G. Sun,
W. A. Ellingson,
C. M. Deemer

Related Research
Fanmod: A Simple Model Simulating a Fan as a Source of Axial and Circumferential Body Forces #TXu-1-083
12/11/02 C. Tzanos and
T. H. Chien
Coated semiconductor devices for neutron detection (as issued) 6,479,826 11/12/02 R. T. Klann,
D. S. McGregor

Related Research
Methods and Apparatus for Producing Phase Change Ice Particulate Saline Slurries 6,413,444 07/02/02 K. E. Kasza

Related Research
Method and apparatus for the clean replacement of contaminated hepa filters 6,364,923 04/02/02 A. R. Frigo,
D. E. Preuss,
R. F. Malecha,
S. G. Weidmeyer,
E. F. Bielick
Statistically Qualified Neuro-Analytic Failure Detection Methods and System 6,353,815 03/05/02 R.B. Vilim,
H.E. Garcia,
F.W. Chen
Methods for weld monitoring and laser heat treatment monitoring (as issued) 6,329,635 12/11/01 P. G. Sanders,
K. H. Leong

Related Research
Optical Method and Apparatus for Detection of Defects and Microstructural Changes in Ceramics and Ceramic Coatings 6,285,449 09/04/01 W. A. Ellingson,
J. A. Todd,
J. G. Sun

Related Research
Ultrasonic Gas Analyzer and Method to Analyze Trace Gases 6,279,378 09/04/01 S. H. Sheen,
H. T. Chien,
A. C. Raptis
Method and Apparatus for Producing Phase Change Ice Particulate Perfluorocarbon Slurries 6,244,052 06/12/01 K. E. Kasza

Related Research
Method for Fabricating 99Mo Production Targets Using Low Enriched Uranium, 99Mo Production Targets Comprising Low Enriched Uranium 6,160,862 12/31/00 T. Wiencek,
J. E. Matos,
G. L. Hofman

Related Research
System for Monitoring an Industrial or Biological Process 5,774,379 06/30/98 K.C. Gross,
S.W. Wegerich,
R.B. Vilim,
A.M. White
Neural Network Based System for Equipment Surveillance 5,745,382 04/28/98 R.B. Vilim,
K.C. Gross,
S.W. Wegerich
InvTitle Patent # Issued Inventors

Affiliations other than Argonne National Laboratory:
(1) = University of Chicago

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