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NE staff routinely use the latest analysis tools to support NCS work, including:

  • MCNP-V, a Monte Carlo code for simulation of neutral particle transport developed by LANL. It includes a large variety of variance reduction features especially useful for shielding and detector flux applications. It uses continuous-energy cross sections produced by NJOY and allows general 3D geometry based on surfaces.
  • VIM, a Monte Carlo code for simulation of neutral particle transport developed by Argonne. Used primarily for reactor and criticality safety applications, VIM employs continuous-energy cross section data and a general 3D geometry based on solid shapes. Its nuclear data have been extensively tested in comparisons with experiments and other neutronics codes.
  • SCALE 5, a package developed at ORNL that includes the multi-group Monte Carlo codes KENO V.a and KENO VI. Both codes are used for criticality safety analysis of non-reactor nuclear facilities, transport packages, spent fuel treatment, waste storage and disposal.
  • MONK 8B is an ultra-fine multi-group Monte Carlo code developed in Great Britain and licensed by the NRC. The standard cross-section libraries are based on JEF 2.2 and ENDF/B-VI data. MONK has an extensive library of common shapes that give it a general 3D geometry capability.

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