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Current nuclear criticality safety activities

The Zero Power Physics Reactor at the Idaho National Laboratory

The Zero Power Physics Reactor at the Idaho National Laboratory. Click on image to view larger image.

Current criticality safety activities within the NE division include:

  • Ongoing support for nuclear facility operations at Argonne. Activities include criticality safety evaluations, development of training programs, and providing criticality safety representatives for the Nuclear Operations Division, the Chemical Sciences & Engineering Division and the Materials Control and Accountability Group.
  • Review of Safety Analysis Reports for Packaging (SARPs). The criticality-safety material in the SARP is reviewed, and confirmatory analysis is performed as required.
  • ICSBEP - Generation of criticality safety benchmarks focusing on methods and data validation needs, such as the Uranium/Iron Benchmark Assembly (ZPR-9 Assembly 34).
  • Preservation of ZPR 3, 6, & 9 and ZPPR critical experimental data, including log books and loading records.

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