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The NE division has extensive experience in performing criticality safety evaluations to support the design and operations of a variety of Argonne facilities and operations: the Alpha-Gamma Hot Cell Facility (AGHCF), Chemical Engineering Division (CMT) separation technology development, Nuclear Operations Division (NOD) waste management and storage activities and other laboratory-scale operations. NCS section staff were also the primary developers of criticality safety evaluations for the Fuel Conditioning Facility (FCF), the Hot Fuels Examination Facility (HFEF), the Zero Power Physics Reactor (ZPPR) materials storage vault and other facilities that are now part of the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). NE staff also prepares the criticality-related sections of authorization basis safety documents for many of the Argonne facilities and provides ongoing criticality safety support for nuclear facility operations at Argonne.

NE personnel have broad involvement in national and international criticality safety programs and are familiar with relevant DOE, NRC, and DOT regulations concerning criticality safety. Division staff are members of:

NE personnel participate in the programs and planning of the DOE Nuclear Criticality Safety Program (NCSP), the DOE Criticality Safety Support Group (CSSG), the NCSP Nuclear Data Advisory Group (NDAG) and the NCSP Critical-subcritical Experiments Design Team (CsubEdT). The NCSP is a comprehensive, crosscutting program that integrates the need to maintain the US criticality safety infrastructure with effective support for criticality safety programs throughout the DOE complex. Tasks within the NCSP include maintenance of a critical experiments program, development of advanced analysis methods, creation of a benchmark experiment library, development of NCS training materials and collection and dissemination of criticality safety data, including historical experiment records. The NE activities within this program  include:

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