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Nuclear Waste Management using Electrometallurgical Technology


The NE system engineering activities involve the conceptual design, through the manufacturing and qualification testing of the Mk-IV and Mk-V electrorefiner and the cathode processor. These first-of-a-kind large scale electrometallurgical process equipment have been installed in the Fuel Conditioning Facility at Idaho National Laboratory and have been operating since 1995.
The prototype cathode was designed, built and installed in Building 308 where experiments are conducted.

EBR-II Spent Fuel Treatment FlowsheetEBR-II Spent Fuel Treatment Flowsheet.
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A prototype cathode processor, essentially identical to the unit located in the hot cell at Idaho National Laboratory, was built and installed in Building 308 at Argonne. This unit is used for tests which explore different crucibles, crucible coatings, and processing methods. The prototype is well-suited for this task because it is easier to modify than the unit at Idaho National Laboratory and is not constrained by the need to continually process electrorefiner product.

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