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The NE Division has developed a computer-based Mass Tracking (MTG) system, which is used at the Idaho National Laboratory Fuel Conditioning Facility (FCF) to maintain a real-time accounting of the inventory of containers and their contents (weights and compositions). This real-time, interactive, multi-user software system supports facility operations in the areas of:

  1. criticality safety evaluations and the monitoring of other operating limits,
  2. assessments of compliance with material control and accountability requirements,
  3. storing of operational data, particularly weight measurements taken on in-cell balances, and
  4. computerized operations support for personnel at work stations within the facility.

The MTG system is based on a "client/server" architecture that runs on a UNIX workstation. The servers are constantly running to route commands to appropriate application programs (called "Tasks") and to route the responses back to the operator control stations, to terminal sessions run from engineers' desks outside of the facility, and (for at least one application) to a mail-back server used for the remote processing of certain kinds of data. The Tasks, which are Fortran programs, manage an Oracle relational database and do calculations that range from simple manipulations of balance measurement data to modeling the operation of the electrorefiner or executing fuel cycle inventory calculations. All communications are managed by means of standard TCP/IP protocols (ftp, mail, and UDP).

Current efforts are directed toward continued development and qualification of the MTG system and the enhancement of system performance, modeling capabilities and user interfaces. Internet-based interactive tools are being implemented to provide convenient, distributed access to MTG information and functions to authenticated users, consistent with security requirements.

The Idaho National Laboratory Fuel Conditioning FacilityThe Idaho National Laboratory Fuel Conditioning Facility

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