Nuclear Engineering Division

Nuclear Waste Management using Electrometallurgical Technology

Safety Analysis, Hazard and Risk Evaluations


NE Division personnel had a key role in the creation of the FCF Final Safety Analysis Report (FSAR), FCF Technical Safety Requirements (TSR) document, the HFEF FSAR, the HFEF TSR document, the FCF Criticality Hazards Control Statement (CHCS) document, and the HFEF CHCS document. This activity involved the development of the safety basis, performing the analysis to support the safety, and finally creating the various safety documents. NE personnel also interacted with DOE personnel until final approval of the documents were obtained. In addition, NE provides ongoing support for nuclear facility operations at Idaho National Laboratory. New equipment, processes, and operation in FCF, HFEF and other facilities are evaluated for nuclear facility safety and criticality safety.

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