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Compressive Passive Millimeter-Wave Imager

Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne has developed a passive compressive sensing system that uses millimeter waves (MMWs) to rapidly image targets with high resolution and without signal scattering due to atmospheric particulates. This technology can be combined with spectroscopy to significantly advance the capabilities of remote sensing with MMWs…

Transcript of Video

As the scanning begins, LabVIEW shows us that a single-pixel measurement is being taken every second with a different Hadamard mask. (The process is being accelerated here for ease of viewing.)

Scanning continues, but we have changed the view to show the Hadamard transform image as it is recalculated every time a measurement is taken. An iterative relaxation technique is used to fill in the missing image measurements in real time.

Here we see the scanning again, but in an image reconstruction view. The reconstruction proceeds in step with the single-pixel acquisitions. The scissors take shape after only about 6% of the Hadamard masks have been used.

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