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Reactors designed by Argonne National Laboratory


Argonne’s pyroprocessing and advanced reactor research featured on WGN radio

Uranium dendrites

These tiny branches, or "dendrites," of pure uranium form when engineers reprocess spent fuel from nuclear fast reactors. Click on photo to view a larger image.
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ARGONNE, Ill. (Jul. 23, 2012) — Hussein Khalil, director of Argonne’s Nuclear Engineering Division, describes for WGN’s Bill Moller how pyroprocessing and spent nuclear fuel recycling in fast reactors will provide major energy benefits while greatly reducing the complexity of traditional nuclear waste disposal technology, and gives a brief status of this technology development.
Below is a link to the podcast of the interview, a 4-minute crash course about nuclear recycling by Argonne National Laboratory and more…


Listen to the Interview

Interview about Pyroprocessing (Audio Credits: Courtesy of WGN radio)
Hussein Khalil, director of the Nuclear Engineering Division, talks to Bill Moller of WGN Radio about the revolutionary potential of pyroprocessing

Video: Nuclear Recycling in 4 Minutes

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The Pyroprocess Development Group at Argonne National Laboratory employs its expertise in chemistry, chemical engineering, and materials science to understand, develop, and engineer innovative, commercially viable electrochemical processes for the back end of the nuclear fuel cycle.
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