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Director's Welcome

Our Vision

' Our vision is the realization of nuclear energy as a sustainable, carbon-free energy source to support economic growth and prosperity worldwide. '

Welcome to the Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE) Division. NSE is one of the divisions within the Energy and Global Security Directorate of Argonne. The Division and its precursors have contributed to the development of civilian nuclear power systems for over 70 years, ever since the dawn of the nuclear age. Over the years, we have significantly expanded our competencies and applied them to problems outside of the civilian nuclear arena.

Our Goals

Design and build the next-generation nuclear reactor system.

Improve the operation and safety and extend the lifetime of current generation reactor plants.

Reduce risks from proliferation of nuclear weapons capabilities.

Be recognized and utilized as the world's experts on the nuclear fuel cycle.

Apply expertise in nuclear technologies and related areas to advancing national priorities and Argonne initiatives.

Ensure the highest levels of quality, safety, security, and environmental protection in advancing these goals.

Our mission is to (1) advance the design and operation of nuclear energy systems, and (2) apply our nuclear energy-related expertise to current and emerging programs of national and international significance. We conduct analytical and experimental research with concentration in advanced nuclear energy systems, nonproliferation and national security, and environmental management. Our extensive capabilities in modeling and simulation are applied in the development of diverse engineering systems and the optimization of their performance.

The NSE Division’s programs are supported primarily by the U.S. Department of Energy through a number of its offices. Other sponsors from a broad range of U.S. Government and industry organizations also support work in the Division. We actively seek opportunities to collaborate with university, national laboratory, industry, and international partners in pursuit of their interests and our mission goals.

I invite you to explore our website to learn more about the Division’s activities. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Dr. Temitope A. Taiwo
Nuclear Science and Engineering Division
Argonne National Laboratory

Nuclear Science and Engineering Division
Director: Temitope Taiwo

T. Taiwo's Executive Bio

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Dr. Temitope A. TaiwoDr. Temitope A. Taiwo

Nuclear Science and Engineering Division
Director: Temitope Taiwo

T. Taiwo's Executive Bio


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