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To get improved results try the Search tips suggested in this page which summarize the information you can find on the Google web site.

Search tips

Needing help with your search?
Our search is powered by Google. Most of the issues are documented on the Google support web site.
Here are a few search tips to start with:

For best results be as specific as possible.

Automatic "and" Queries
There is no need to include "and" between terms, because by default only pages containing all your search keywords will be returned. Add more keywords to narrow your search.

Automatic Exclusion of Common Words
Common words and characters such as "where" and "how" are ignored.

Use + to require and - to exclude words or phrases
Use + when you want the search term or phrase appear in the search results. Use - to indicate unwanted term(s). A phrase must be contained within quotes. Leave no spaces between + or - and the term.  Don't forget to leave a space before the + or -.

The searches are NOT case sensitive, all letters will be considered lower case.

Use quotes to search for an exact phrase
Use quotes to look for words which must appear adjacent to each other.

Looking for specific file types
If you prefer to see a particular set of results with a specific file type (for example, PDF links), simply type filetype:[extension] (for example, filetype:pdf) within the search box along with your search term(s).
Example: To target only for PDF files containing the keyword Chicago  type Chicago filetype:pdf in the search box.

Excluding  specific file types from the results
To exclude from the results specific file types simply type -filetype:[extension] within the search box along with your search term(s).
Example: To exclude PDF files containing the keyword Chicago  type Chicago -filetype:pdf.

Update frequency of the search index

In order to be included in the search results, a page must be crawled and added to Google's index. Google refreshes its index about once a month, but it's possible that a page has not been included in the latest crawl.

Problems with searching the NE web site?

If you experience any problems or have any questions or suggestions about searching the NE Website, please contact us at .
Thank you.

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- Separate your search terms with spaces.


(See details in this page)

- Use carefully chosen keywords
- Use multiple keywords
- Avoid common words
- Use plus (+) or minus  (-)
- Capitalization is not important
- Use double quotes for phrases
- Target/exclude specific file types


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