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Argonne's Hussein Khalil named co-director of the Center for Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycles

Argonne, Ill. (October 20, 2006) – The U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory today announced that Hussein Khalil has been named co-director of the Center for Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycles, joining Prof. Michael Corradini of the University of Wisconsin-Madison in this capacity. The center, launched earlier this year, is sponsored by the University of Wisconsin and The University of Chicago.

The Center for Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycles, or CANF, is an initiative centered at Argonne to bring together nuclear engineering faculty, scientists and students from Big 10 universities, The University of Chicago and Argonne to perform research into key nuclear fuel-cycle issues and technologies. This innovative recycling program is designed to create efficient and cost-effective ways to reuse spent nuclear fuel, minimize its by-products, and reduce waste and the risk of proliferation.

CANF aims to educate the next generation of nuclear scientists and engineers. The center provides a vehicle for students to engage in research efforts on fundamental science and engineering innovations needed to achieve a sustainable and economically attractive nuclear fuel cycle.

“The success of CANF and Dr. Khalil along with Professor Corradini is an outstanding example of leading research through collaboration and partnership of great scientific minds and resources,” said Argonne Director Robert Rosner. “Their work will impact future generations not only by improving ways we use and store spent nuclear fuel but by providing the educational foundation for new discoveries.”

Khalil will continue to serve as director of Argonne 's Nuclear Engineering Division. He has worked at Argonne since 1983 and has made several important contributions to Argonne 's nuclear energy program. According to Mark Peters, Deputy to the Associate Laboratory Director, Applied Science & Technology, “Dr. Khalil has played a key role in advancing the design and operation of nuclear energy systems. We are proud of his contributions and pleased to see him share his expertise as co-director of CANF.”

His technical background includes nuclear-reactor physics, dynamics, core design and fuel cycle analysis. Khalil played a key role in the re-invigoration of nuclear energy R&D worldwide. On a national level he leads Department of Energy-sponsored research on analysis methods for future-generation nuclear reactor plants. He is also one of two U.S. members in the Experts Group of the Generation IV International Forum.

Khalil holds a Ph.D. from MIT and an MBA from The University of Chicago.

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