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“Developing National Long-Range Nuclear Energy Strategies (INPRO)” workshop (Aug. 8-19, 2011)

“Developing National Long-Range Nuclear Energy Strategies (INPRO)” workshop

Jul. 1st, 2011
On Aug. 8-19, 2011 Argonne National Laboratory is hosting the “Developing National Long-Range Nuclear Energy Strategies (INPRO)” workshop.

The workshop will present to Member States, in an integrated manner, how to apply the tools and methodologies available from the IAEA for long term planning of energy systems and in particular nuclear energy systems. The workshop will focus on the processes of long term planning and present the support for these activities offered by the IAEA.

To illustrate the benefits of these activities, Member States representatives will present case studies that are currently using or have already successfully applied these IAEA tools in the past. In addition, specific topics will be addressed related to the implementation of nuclear power programs, such as capacity building, nuclear technology selection, and adopting the IAEA's Milestone approach to set up a first nuclear power plant, as well as transparency and public participation in nuclear power programs.

For more information, please visit the workshop web site.


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