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Reactors designed by Argonne National Laboratory


Development/Modernization of an Advanced Non-LWR Probabilistic Risk Assessment

GE Hitachi/Argonne Kickoff Meeting - March 31, 2015

Civil Nuclear Energy Research and Development Working Group (CNWG) Technical Meetings


Apr. 3, 2015
A kickoff meeting was held on March 31, 2015 to launch a two-year collaboration between GE-Hitachi and Argonne National Laboratory. Co-funded by GE-Hitachi and the U.S. Department of Energy, the project seeks to develop a modern risk assessment for GE Hitachi’s PRISM (Power Reactor Innovative Small Module) advanced nuclear reactor design. The risk assessment plays a vital role in the reactor licensing process, and the project will be utilizing a new ASME/ANS* risk assessment standard specifically dedicated to analyzing advanced nuclear reactor designs.

PRISM is based on the successful Experimental Breeder Reactor II that began operating in 1964, as well as on the Advanced Liquid Metal Program, which lasted for 10 years.

*American Society of Mechanical Engineers / American Nuclear Society


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