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About Nuclear Energy

Why are some people afraid of nuclear energy?

Did you know that...*

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Less radiation is emitted from a nuclear plant than from the stack of a coal plant!


This is because coal contains naturally occurring radioactive materials – mainly, uranium and thorium.
However, the radiation exposure received near a coal plant is still 100 times less than natural background levels.

We are surrounded by naturally occurring radiation.


Only 0.005% of the average American’s yearly radiation dose comes from nuclear power – 100 times less than we get from coal [1], 200 times less than on a crosscountry flight, and about the same as eating 1 banana per year.[2]

[1] National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements No. 92 and 95
[2] CDR Handbook on Radiation Measurement and Protection

The top 10 myths about nuclear energy are...

which are the top 10 myths about nuclear energy?

Discover which are the top 10 Myths about Nuclear Energy vs. the facts (ANS website)

Other surprising sources of radiation are...

surprising sources of radiation...

By reading Nuked! Surprising sources of radiation, a Medill Reports article by Ashley Cullins, you will learn about other surprising sources of radiation which help you put radiation exposure in perspective.
Another slightly more technical overview is provided in the NE poster Trying to Put Radiation Risk in Perspective [1.5MB]

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