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Letter of Appreciation from DOE to Argonne Employees for their support following Fukushima

by Philip W. Miilano

Group photo taken during the presentation of the Letter of Appreciation

Group photo taken during the presentation of the Letter of Appreciation. In photo from left to right: Temitope Taiwo (NE), Mitch Farmer (NE), Sal Golub (DOE-NE), Christopher Grandy (NE), Ed Hoffman (NE), Allen Bakel (CSE), Steve Lomperski (NE). Not pictured: Craig Gerardi (NE), Ken Natesan (NE), Won Sik Yang (NE). Click on photo to view larger size image.

Sep. 2nd, 2011
The Department of Energy (DOE) recently presented a letter of appreciation to several Argonne employees for their services and expertise during the nuclear situation at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant in Japan.

Sal Golub, deputy assistant secretary for Nuclear Reactor Technologies with the DOE, presented the letter of appreciation on behalf of Peter Lyons, assistant secretary for Nuclear Energy. The letter was to acknowledge the service provided to the Office of Nuclear Energy Response Team, which was formed by the DOE following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

The list of recipients are Temitope Taiwo (NE), Mitch Farmer (NE), Christopher Grandy (NE), Edward Hoffman (NE), Allen Bakel (CSE), Stephen Lomperski (NE), Craig Gerardi (NE), Ken Natesan (NE), Won Sik Yang (NE).


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