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Reactors designed by Argonne National Laboratory

Nuclear Reactors designed by Argonne

Argonne developed and/or built experiments, research reactors, or prototypes of every kind of commercial nuclear reactor in the world today, as well as many research and training reactors… Nuclear reactors designed by Argonne

Argonne’s Nuclear Science and Technology Legacy

Celebrating Chicago Pile 1 70th anniversary

Atoms Forge a Scientific Revolution

Short articles covering Argonne's nuclear energy legacy from the first nuclear reactor to the present.

  • Chicago Pile 1 Pioneers — Forty-nine scientists, led by Enrico Fermi, were present in a converted squash court at the University of Chicago's abandoned Stagg Field on Dec. 2, 1942, when Chicago Pile 1, the world's first nuclear reactor went critical…

“Those early days as we remember them” — Argonne’s Early History

Argonne’s early days reconstructed through the recollections and testimonials of people who witnessed the birth of Argonne National Laboratory.

Historical News Releases

Archived news releases about Argonne’s nuclear science and technology history.


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  • Reactors Designed by Argonne National Laboratory - Since the first day of its existence, Argonne has been at the forefront of nuclear energy research & development. Most of the reactors designed by Argonne National Laboratory were also built and operated at Argonne facilities.

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